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Does That Look 100x?

I came across an interesting open source project called XCF (standing for XML Communication Framework), and it has benchmarked VTD-XML vs XOM, Xerces DOM and Xerces SAX, and some binary data format. The results consistently show that VTD-XML is not just faster, but faster by a huge margin. In fact, any performance sensitive XML applications without using VTD-XML is pretty much unusable. That kind of makes you wonder what kind of performance one gets from buying all those expensive Progress, Oracle and IBM ESBs. 

For the complete test analysis and results, please visit


VTD-XML Blog is back!!

For some mysterious reasons, vtd-xml’s original blog just got pulled by google. But now it is back in full force. Stay Tuned. There will be a lot of articles on VTD-XML coming.

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