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VTD-XML 2.8 Released!

Below are the improvements and enhancements in v 2.8 (which can be downloaded here)

  • Expansion of Core VTD-XML API
    • VTDGen adds support for capturing white spaces
    • VTDNav adds support for suport for getContentFragment(), recoverNode() and cloneNav()
    • XMLModifier adds support for update and reparse feature
    • AutoPilot adds support for retrieving all attributes
    • BookMark is also enhanced.
  • Expansion of Extended VTD-XML API
    • Add content extraction ability to extended VTD-XML
    • VTDNavHuge now can call getElementFragment() and getElementFragmentNs()
    • VTDGenHuge adds support for capturing white spaces
  • XPath
    • Adds comment and processing instruction support for nodes, and performance enhancement
    • Adds namespace axis support …
    • ¬†Adds round-half-to-even()
  • A number of bug fixes and code enhancement