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60x? That sounds just right.

I came across a recent blog in which the author benchmarks the performance of evaluating XPath using VTD-XML on a 20 MB and comparing it to JAXP. The result is a convincing 60X. Surprised? Don’t be. The fact is that DOM and JAXP just have too much inherent issues (performance, memory usage etc). Below is the link to that blog


VTD-XML 2.9 Released

VTD-XML 2.9, the next generation XML Processing API for SOA and Cloud computing, has been released. Please visit to download the latest version.
  • Strict Conformance
    • VTD-XML now fully conforms to XML namespace 1.0 spec
  • Performance Improvement
    • Significantly improved parsing performance for small XML files
  • Expand Core VTD-XML API 
    • Adds getPrefixString(), and toNormalizedString2()
  • Cutting/Splitting
    • Adds getSiblingElementFragment() 
  • A number of bug fixes and code enhancement including:
    • Fixes a bug for reading very large XML documents on some platforms
    • Fixes a bug in parsing processing instruction
    • Fixes a bug in outputAndReparse()