VTD-XML 2.11 Released

VTD-XML is now released, i will add a blog talking about the major features/improvements in this release soon… The release can be downloaded from



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  1. Michal Huniewicz on

    I tried it today and it has broken my application, some XPaths don’t work as expected. Has there been some major changes?

    • jimmyzhang on

      Can u file bugs report?

      • Michal Huniewicz on

        Hi, I can try investigating it a bit more tomorrow. Where do I file a report?

  2. jimmyzhang on

    vtd-xml’s sourceforge web site, will investigate asap

    • Michal Huniewicz on

      I can file it now and show you the XPaths that give me different results, as well as a project that you can check out to observe the bug.

  3. jimmyzhang on

    Saw the java file, can u point me the xml file for the test case?

  4. jimmyzhang on

    problem has been identified, a fix will come out soon, thanks for reporting it.

    • Michal Huniewicz on

      Cool, thanks Jimmy.

    • Michal Huniewicz on

      Can you let me know once that happens? Thanks.

      • jimmyzhang on

        just did, plz go to the download site and grab the vtd-xml-2.11 java .zip let me know how it goes

    • Michal Huniewicz on

      Yeah so it works now, thanks. But I still think it should be called 2.11.1 or something, to indicate a change to release version.

  5. Michal Huniewicz on

    Hi, I’ll do that tonight. But shouldn’t it be called 2.11.1 or something, to indicate there’s been a change to the release version?

  6. jimmyzhang on

    Yes that would be one option, however, since bug fix doesn’t affect other port/versions such as light, huge etc…so making it 11.1 would be a bit excessive, but again will keep that in mind for future releases..

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