An interesting paper on vtd-xml performance vs other XML parsers

I recently came across an interesting paper by some researchers in Portugal. The topic of the paper is “PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS OF JAVA APIS FOR XML PROCESSING.” In this paper, various XML Processing API are thoroughly bench-marked  and compared. Those APIs include various flavors of DOM, SAX, PULL, JDOM and VTD-XML. Below is the abstract of the paper.


Over time, XML markup language has acquired a considerable importance in applications development, standards definition and in the representation of large volumes of data, such as databases. Today, processing XML documents in a short period of time is a critical activity in a large range of applications, which imposes choosing the most appropriate mechanism to parse XML documents quickly and efficiently. When using a programming language for XML processing, such as Java, it becomes necessary to use effective mechanisms, e.g. APIs, which allow reading and processing of large documents in appropriated manners. This paper presents a performance study of the main existing Java APIs that deal with XML documents, in order to identify the most suitable one for processing large XML files.

The full paper can be downloaded here.


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